About Me


My name is Alex. I’m 31 years old.

I was always a fan of automation.

I started coding my own scripts back in school. I loved to solve my homework with the help of programming.

Even though sometimes it was much faster to solve the task in a traditional way (manually), it was more interesting to see how the computer was doing the work I needed to do.

After graduating, I was sure I wanted to be a programmer. I got accepted into university and picked applied math as my course because I knew the best programmers were applied math graduates.

After graduating from the university, I was trying myself in freelance. I was a web developer, mainly I worked on WordPress websites, and from time to time, I created custom websites on PHP.

Then I decided that I wanted to work in the office, and I got hired by the service of internet ads as a full-stack web developer.

I liked the job, but something wasn’t right.

I wanted to feel that excitement from watching my computer doing “human” tasks. Doing a boring job without my presence. I didn’t have that kind of work in my field, but other departments did.

I started creating small scripts that were a huge help to my coworkers from other departments.

And I felt that excitement again!

After changing a job, I got hired by an educational company as a web developer. After a year of hard work, I was offered to try to work with infusionsoft. That’s when I started my journey as a marketing automation expert.

I had to work with lots of custom automation not supported by zapier or any other known automation platform.

I coded my own scripts and eliminated hours of manual work.

I loved it.

I have more than 8 years of experience with many different CRM systems, their APIs, event automation software, software for data visualization, shipping companies; you name it.

If you think you are doing a boring job that can be automated, you are probably right. I am always open to new challenges. Send me a quick message to support @ diadiushenko.com and let’s get started!

PS. my age and the number of years of experience on this page are dynamic values. I don’t need to remember to change it every year.